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The Seabuck Vanquish Wetsuit is a commercial grade suit designed for the everyday diver. The state of the art chest loading pad allows you to load your gun easily. The kevlar elbow protection & the Powertex bum and scale knee pads protect your high use areas. All seams are fully latex seam sealed to prevent water penetration and add to the longevity of the suits life. With knife holders on the right leg and left arm you can stay equipped at all times. PRYM1 camouflage means that you can remain extremely stealth whilst hunting underwater.The 3mm suit is designed for warmer waters. Also available in 5mm.


  • The latest open-cell neoprene technology allows for maximum comfort & warmth with minimal thickness.
  • Powertex scale knee pads with extra abrasion resistant tape on edging
  • Powertex bum pad on long john and jacket
  • Kevlar elbow pads
  • Left arm & right leg knife pockets
  • Blind glued, stitched & latex glued seams for maximum durability
  • Reinforced chest loading pad
  • Face, wrist and ankle seals to prevent water entry
  • Double clip beaver tail eliminates water entry
  • Preformed anatomical cut for maximum comfort
  • Colour options Prym1® Ambush (green), Prym1® Shoreline (blue) & Prym1® Blackout (black).

*3XL profile to come

If you are unsure about wetsuit sizing do not hesitate to contact us.

*We do not accept returns for wetsuits that are not in BRAND NEW, RESALABLE condition. 

Before putting on your wetsuit...

Squirt a decent amount of soapy water into the inside of your wetsuit. Recommended ratio is 80% water 20% soap/bodywash. The suit should slide on easily, if not, apply more soapy water. Do this for the jacket and long johns (tip for putting on the jacket is to roll up the bottom of it a few times to make it easier to put on). Always take care when putting on your suit.

When taking off your wetsuit...

For the jacket, put the hood on, then undo the the tail clips. Pull the base directly up, tuck an elbow in and roll out of it. Pull the jacket off from the nylon side, don’t reach around and grab the inside as it may tear. Carefully peel off the long johns.


1. Rinse thoroughly with freshwater, inside & out each & every time you use it! Salt will destroy your suit faster than everything bar direct sunlight...

2. Hang up your suit properly, definitely not in the sun, nor draped over your car’s side mirror or on the back door to the shed. Put a clothes hanger inside it & hang it in the shower or somewhere out of the sun.

3. Turn the suit inside and out to ensure that it dries out properly. If you only leave it hanging with one side facing out, only that side will dry. The other side will remain wet and will begin to breakdown the suit.

4. Use some wetsuit shampoo when necessary. This will ensure that you clean off any remaining salt that will certainly be missed when washing. Just add some to a bucket off water and give it a decent hand wash.

5. Get rid of the smell. We all know you pee in your suit! Over time it starts to stink. You can purchase Mirazyme which is designed to flatten odours from bacteria & mildew in wetsuits, use this when you shampoo your suit if it’s starting to smell. Listerine also works...

6. Take your time when putting on/taking off your suit. Do not grab sections of the neoprene, it will rip! Also avoid using your thumbs or anything pointy. Apply even & spread pressure, do not rush.

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