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GARMONT: Best Supporting Partner of Your Will
Day in and day out, we take the same road to work; And in the evening, we return home along the same road. More or less every day, for the sake of convenience, we follow the same routes: from our home to the office, to the supermarket, to school… and back home again. We define and delimit our world.
But if we do not try new roads, if we do not look at things from another point of view, if we do not try new experiences, new sensations, new emotions…
What propelled us into space? A rocket?
What guided us to the North Pole? A compass?
What brought us to the top of Everest? An ice axe?
Or the will?
Willpower makes the difference. Willpower is that force which enables us to take one step further and transform a boundary into a new adventure. We choose whether a reference point will be our limit or our starting point. This decision makes the difference. Your world ends, where you decide to stop.
Go beyond the usual outdoors. Transform your boundaries into new adventures and turn your next outdoor adventure into a voyage of discovery. Create unique moments that will remain impressed in your memory. Experience the exclusive technical solutions, innovation and comfort that Garmont has created to help give your world new horizons. Because space is not defined by its limits.


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Dakota Lite Gore-Tex Boots

DESCRIPTION  The ideal boot for the skilled backpacker who appreciates lightweight boots for fast paced activities. Extremely versatile for backpacking and mixed mountaineering. Lightweight, for fast paced treks. Great fit due...
$699.99 NZD


Men's Tower Trek Gore-Tex Boots

DESCRIPTION Light weight yet rugged boot inspired by our iconic Tower GTX. Ideal for backpacking and challenging treks, also carry heavy loads.The flex insert, tongue and collar are made of...
$599.99 NZD
Nebraska Gore-Tex Boots - Bushbuck - International Hunting Clothing & Accessories store - 1 Nebraska Gore-Tex Boots - Bushbuck - International Hunting Clothing & Accessories store - 2


Nebraska Gore-Tex Boots

DESCRIPTION The Nebraska offers plenty of ankle support and a comfortable foam insole to keep you on your feet for all day. Made with softer Nubuck Leather, these boots may be...
$499.99 NZD
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