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The LP core-supporting garment makes use of five technologies that are specifically designed for professional athletes – Power System, Comfort System, Seamless Tech, Power Band, and General Compression– to fully fit muscles and apply compression to major muscle groups and joints. Besides effectively enhancing proprioception and reducing muscle fatigue during prolonged exercise, the special design can also regulate the body's heat and humidity levels to maintain comfort during exercise. These five innovative design elements are combined to offer the most complete technological experience, providing professional athletes precisely what they need for more outstanding performance.

  • Power System covers the medial muscles of the scapula, the torso, and the front and back of the upper arms, boosting the proprioception of the covered areas, increasing flexibility in the torso and thorax, and enhancing the coordination and fluency of upper limb movements. Furthermore, it increases muscle strength and explosiveness during throwing, serving, spiking, paddling, and other arm movements.
  • Seamless design increases overall comfort.
  • Comfort System wicks sweat and stays breathable to keep the body dry and comfortable during exercise, effectively maintaining a balanced body temperature.
  • General Compression can improve blood circulation, reduce the tremors of muscle contractions, and remove metabolic waste. In addition, it accelerates lactate metabolism, delays fatigue, and effectively enhances muscle endurance.

For more information check out LP Supports detailed website - click here

Use the size guide below to help find your ideal fit. For a more visual experience use the Virtual Size Guide above - click 'Check the Fit' to get started.

Small 85-95
Medium 92-102
Large 99-110
XL 107-117


*Units in centimeters 


Measure chest circumference at the widest point

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