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(Please note we sell multiple brands of this item, the product & quality will stay the same but the brand may differ from the pictures)

The Alcohol/ Liquid Fuel Stove is ideal for those simplistic expeditions where weight and price matter most. 

The alcohol stove gains its advantages by being simple. It is lightweight, safe, requires little maintenance and is even eco-friendly.

If you are looking for something which takes up little room, uses an odorless fuel (so you don't smell like a fuel station), is easily transportable, has a low running cost and has a high availability of fuel (can be found at any gas station) then the Fire Maple Alcohol Stove should be in your sights.

The alcohol stove is ideal for those thru-hikers who may need to top up on the way from point A to point B - any gas station is going to have replaceable fuel.

The Alcohol Stove works by vaporizing fuel and shooting them out little jets where the fuel is burned, creating a gas range-like effect. They are very simple to use - pour your fuel in the open center and light.

Nothing fancy to see here - just a container, fuel and fire.

Size: Ø 97 x 61 mm

Material: Aluminium Alloy, Brass

Weight: 135g

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